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Hello and ho ho ho. Welcome to the day before Xmas Friday Faves.

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I believe it’s fairly safe to say we all thought this holiday season would look different than the last. In many ways it does. Families are gathering, people are traveling, and joy is in the air. Yay for feeling normal again!

But in some ways, this Christmas doesn’t feel nearly as different as I’d like it to. My whole family is boosted, but that doesn’t mean our guard is down. Some plans have been canceled, hugs are from a distance, and face masks are back to being an essential accessory. I’m feeling like I’m living in a spinning snow globe. Is this the end or just the beginning…again?

No matter what stand you take when it comes to the vaccine, please take extra care out there. Be cautious but share in the joy and spread it around. I’m very much looking forward to doing so. So from my home to yours, here’s wishing you a very, very Merry Christmas. Thank you for sharing your time with me here.

And now, this week’s Friday Faves.

Betty White is turning 100 and she’s inviting everyone to celebrate. It’s the perfect excuse to feel good about the future.

Did you hear about the woman whose hotel room window opened directly into a restaurant? Oh NYC, you’re so iconic.

12 classic movies to watch with your kids.

This guy was such a jerk. She’s way better off without him.

Does too much alcohol give you hangxiety too?

Why you should make intentions instead of resolutions.

I tape all of the PBS cooking shows on my DVR and this one made me want to start baking her chocolate cake stat. (I ordered her cookbook too.)

If you haven’t yet decided on your Christmas feasts, may I suggest some of my family classics:

Right after I read this I spied baby kumomotos at the seafood counter so now all I want is oysters in mignonette sauce.

Ted Lasso shortbread!

I still remember the time a co-worker gifted me biscotti like this and I am still savoring the idea of it.

The idea of this gnocchi recipe is hitting me in all the best ways.

After several days of indulgence, this salmon dish is exactly what I need.

This pasta dish looks so incredible, and healthy too.

I’ve been working on a ham and bean soup to share and this one looks really close to mine.

But when I feel like indulging again (because it’s all about balance, baby):

These spinach puffs are party ready.

Feel the luck when you make this for dinner on New Year’s Day. And a good way to use up that leftover Christmas ham.

The best cheese and cracker pairings. Which are your faves?

5 foods you should never store in your refrigerator door.

This home tour is gorgeous. How bout that kitchen window though?

9 things to add to your gallery wall that isn’t art.

5 wellness trends set to grow in 2022.

Habit stacking works. Here are some fitness tips I’m itching to try.

Can someone please tell me how in the hell she does the dishes with this manicure???!!!

This ultra comfy sweatshirt and these matching joggers are like wearing quilted pillows and I am here for it.

The best comedy books of 2021 (because we could all use some comedic relief).

These are the best hotels and resorts in the world. Aaaaand my wanderlust is in full effect.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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