Crispy Sweet Delight: Air Fryer Fried Apples Recipe

If you’re looking for a sweet treat that won’t break your diet, air fryer fried apples might just be the perfect solution! This simple yet delicious dessert is made by thinly slicing apples, tossing them in a mix of cinnamon and sugar, and air-frying them until they’re perfectly caramelized. The result is an irresistible treat that’s crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and bursting with flavor. But why air fryer fried apples? Well, for starters, this method eliminates the need for unhealthy oils and fats, making it a healthier option than traditional fried apples.

Plus, it’s quick, easy, and requires minimal clean-up, making it a perfect dessert option for busy weeknights or last-minute gatherings. Trust us, once you try these air fryer fried apples, you won’t be able to resist making them again and again! So why not give them a try today? Your taste buds (and your waistline) will thank you.


Air Fryer Fried Apples are a scrumptious and healthy alternative to traditional fried apples that are loaded with calories. These delicious treats can be made with a few simple ingredients that you may already have in your pantry. To make the perfect Air Fryer Fried Apples, you will need fresh apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter.

The cinnamon and brown sugar will add a sweet and spicy flavor to the apples, while the butter will give them a rich and creamy texture. Once you have all the ingredients, you can start by washing and slicing the apples into thin wedges. Then, mix them with the cinnamon and brown sugar until they are well coated.

Place the apples in the air fryer basket and cook them for about 10 minutes at 375°F. The result will be crispy and caramelized apples that are perfect as a snack, dessert or breakfast side dish. So, next time you are craving something sweet and healthy, give these Air Fryer Fried Apples a try!

Gala Apples, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Butter, Lemon Juice

When it comes to baking an apple pie, the ingredients you choose can make all the difference. For a classic flavor profile, consider using gala apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, butter, and lemon juice. Gala apples are a great choice because they are sweet and delicious, and they hold their shape well when baked.

Cinnamon adds warmth and complexity to the filling, while brown sugar brings a rich sweetness. Butter is essential for flavor and moisture, and lemon juice adds a bright, tangy note that balances the sweetness of the filling. When combined, these ingredients create a perfectly balanced apple pie that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

So, next time you’re in the mood for a warm, comforting dessert, grab these simple ingredients and get baking!

air fryer fried apples


If you’re looking for a healthy and delicious dessert option, why not try making air fryer fried apples? This dessert is easy to prepare and only requires a few basic ingredients. First, start by peeling and coring your apples. Then, slice them into thin pieces and toss them with a bit of cinnamon, sugar, and lemon juice.

Preheat your air fryer to 375 degrees and spread the apple slices out in a single layer in the basket. Cook them for 8-10 minutes, flipping them halfway through, until they are golden brown and tender. These air fryer fried apples are the perfect fall treat and can be served on their own or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

Plus, since they are cooked in the air fryer, they are healthier than traditional fried apples and won’t leave you feeling guilty. Give them a try and see for yourself how delicious they can be!

Preheat Air Fryer, Core and slice apples, Toss with butter and lemon juice, Sprinkle on cinnamon and brown sugar, Air Fry for 10 minutes, Serve hot

If you are looking for an easy and delicious snack, try making air fryer cinnamon-sugar apples. To start, preheat your air fryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, wash and core your apples, then slice them into even pieces.

Toss the apple slices with melted butter and a splash of lemon juice to prevent browning. Then, sprinkle on a mix of cinnamon and brown sugar for a sweet and spicy coating. Place the apple slices in the air fryer basket in a single layer, making sure they don’t overlap, and air fry for 10 minutes.

You will have perfectly tender and caramelized apple slices with a crispy cinnamon-sugar crust. Serve them hot right out of the air fryer for a tasty and satisfying snack. Air fryers have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to cook food quickly and with less oil than traditional frying methods.

By using an air fryer, you can enjoy crispy and delicious snacks without the added calories and fat. Making cinnamon-sugar apples in an air fryer is a healthy and easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth. This snack is also perfect for those following vegan or gluten-free diets.

The combination of warm and soft apples with a crunchy cinnamon-sugar crust makes this a crowd-pleasing treat that everyone will love. So, gather your ingredients, preheat your air fryer, and get ready to enjoy a delicious and healthy snack!


Air fryer fried apples are a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional fried apples. With the use of an air fryer, you can achieve a perfectly fried texture without any added oils or fats. This not only results in a healthier dish but also enhances the natural sweetness and flavors of the apples.

Additionally, air frying apples is quick and easy, making it a convenient option for busy individuals. Furthermore, this method of cooking allows for a crispy exterior while still maintaining the soft and juicy interior of the apples. Overall, incorporating air fryer fried apples into your diet is a great way to indulge in a sweet treat without compromising your health goals.

Plus, with the delicious taste and numerous health benefits, why not give it a try?

Low calorie snack, No added oils or fats, Excellent source of fiber and vitamin C

If you’re looking for a low-calorie snack that won’t sabotage your diet, then you might want to consider adding fruits and vegetables to your daily routine. Not only are they an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C, but they’re also free of added oils and fats. By incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet, you’ll be able to enjoy a satisfying snack that won’t leave you feeling guilty.

Not only are these healthy snacks low in calories, but they also provide a wealth of nutrients that are essential for overall health. So, don’t hesitate to add some fresh fruit or veggies to your next snack break!


Air fryer fried apples make for a delicious and healthy dessert option that’s quick and easy to make. There are plenty of variations you can try, depending on your preferences. One simple way to spice things up is by adding a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg to the mix before cooking.

This will give the apples a warming and fragrant flavor that’s perfect for fall. Alternatively, you could try drizzling some honey or maple syrup on top of the fried apples for some added sweetness. For a more indulgent treat, you could also serve the apples with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream.

Whatever variation you choose, you’re sure to love the crispy and caramelized texture that the air fryer provides. So give this tasty dessert a try, and see how versatile and delicious air fryer fried apples can be!

Add nutmeg or ginger for extra flavor, Serve with ice cream or whipped cream, Experiment with different apple varieties

Variations When it comes to making apple pie, there are plenty of ways to switch up the flavor. One option is to add nutmeg or ginger to the filling, which can give the pie a warm, spicy kick. These spices pair particularly well with tart apples, as they can help balance out the acidity.

If you’re looking for a way to make your pie even more decadent, try serving it with ice cream or whipped cream. The cold, creamy texture of these toppings pairs perfectly with the warm, gooey filling of the pie. And if you want to change the flavor profile even more drastically, consider experimenting with different types of apples.

Sweet, juicy varieties like Honeycrisp and Fuji will create a very different pie than tart, firm varieties like Granny Smith and Braeburn. So have fun in the kitchen and don’t be afraid to get creative!


In conclusion, using an air fryer to cook apples is a game-changer for all apple lovers out there. You can enjoy that crispy texture and delectable sweetness without the added oil and guilt. It’s like having your cake and eating it too…or in this case, your fried apples and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

So go forth and indulge in this clever twist on a classic dish with the help of your trusty air fryer!”

Air Fryer Fried Apples are a delicious and healthy snack option that can be customized to your taste preference. Try them today!

Air Fryer Fried Apples are a fantastic and healthy snack option that appeals to almost everyone. The beauty of this snack is that it is easy to customize to your taste preference, making it a versatile option. If you have a sweet tooth, you can add some cinnamon, nutmeg, or honey to enhance the flavor.

For those who prefer a more savory taste, you can sprinkle some salt and pepper or even add some bacon bits. The possibilities are endless, making it a snack that you can enjoy at any time of day. Additionally, being able to cook it up in an air fryer means that you can have this delicious snack without the guilt of fried food.

It’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, making it a perfect snack to share with family and friends. Overall, these Air Fryer Fried Apples are a delicious and healthy option that everyone should try.


What are the benefits of using an air fryer to make fried apples?
Using an air fryer to make fried apples allows for a healthier cooking option as it requires little to no oil. It also produces a crispy texture without the need for deep frying.

Can I use any type of apple in an air fryer to make fried apples?
Yes, you can use any type of apple in an air fryer to make fried apples. However, some apples may produce a softer texture than others. Crisp apples like Granny Smith are a good choice for achieving a crunchy texture.

How long does it take to cook fried apples in an air fryer?
The cooking time for fried apples in an air fryer varies depending on the thickness of the slices. Generally, cooking at 375°F for 8-10 minutes should be sufficient. It is recommended to check them periodically for desired crispiness.

Can I add additional ingredients to my air fryer fried apples?
Yes, you can add additional ingredients to your air fryer fried apples such as cinnamon or nutmeg to enhance the flavor. You can also add a drizzle of honey or maple syrup for added sweetness. Just be mindful of the added calories.

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