Crispy and Delicious: How to Perfectly Roast Eggplant in an Air Fryer

If you haven’t tried air fryer roasted eggplant yet, you’re in for a treat! This healthy and delicious vegetable is perfect for a hearty and flavorful meal any time of the day. The air fryer is a great tool for roasting veggies, and eggplant is no exception. By using the air fryer, you get perfectly roasted eggplant that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Plus, it’s a healthier alternative to deep-frying, making it a guilt-free dish that you can enjoy any day of the week. So, what makes air fryer roasted eggplant so special? For starters, the air fryer cooks the eggplant evenly and efficiently, giving you a perfectly roasted eggplant every time. With the air fryer, you can also add your favorite seasonings and herbs to give your dish an extra pop of flavor.

Whether you want to keep it simple with just salt and pepper or add some garlic and oregano, the air fryer can handle it all. Another great thing about air fryer roasted eggplant is that it’s incredibly versatile. You can serve it as a side dish, add it to a salad, or use it as a base for a delicious sandwich.

You can even use it as a topping for your favorite pizza or pasta dish. Overall, air fryer roasted eggplant is a healthy, versatile, and delicious vegetable dish that you need to try. So, what are you waiting for? Get your air fryer out and start roasting some eggplant! You won’t be disappointed.


Air fryer roast eggplant is a delectable dish that can be made with just a handful of ingredients. The key ingredient, of course, is the eggplant itself. This fruit (yes, it’s actually a fruit!), which is a member of the nightshade family, comes in many varieties and can be found in multiple shapes and sizes.

To prepare it for roasting in the air fryer, you’ll need to slice it into rounds, drizzle with olive oil, and season with some spices. The beauty of this dish is that you can get creative with your seasoning choices – perhaps a spicy blend with smoked paprika, cumin, and a touch of cayenne, or a milder option with oregano, garlic, and lemon zest. Regardless of the seasoning mix you choose, the result will be a deliciously crispy, savory snack or side dish that you won’t be able to resist.

So go ahead and fire up that air fryer for some truly enjoyable healthy eating!

1 eggplant

“When it comes to cooking healthy and delicious meals, eggplants are a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes. These purple vegetables are a rich source of fiber, vitamins and minerals that are good for our bodies. Whether you’re trying to make a vegetarian main dish, a low-carb side dish, or a flavorful dip, 1 eggplant can go a long way in satisfying your cravings.

You can roast, grill, bake, fry, or even boil eggplants, depending on your preference and the recipe you’re trying out. So, next time you’re looking for an ingredient that’s both healthy and tasty, get your hands on an eggplant!”

air fryer roast eggplant

1 tbsp olive oil

Olive oil is a staple ingredient in many kitchens and can add a delicious flavor to a variety of dishes. Just one tablespoon of olive oil can make a big difference in the taste and texture of your favorite meals. Olive oil is also a healthier choice compared to other cooking oils because it’s packed with healthy fats.

This oil is often included in the Mediterranean diet, which is known for its numerous health benefits. When choosing olive oil, it’s important to look for high-quality options that are unrefined and cold-pressed. These types of olive oil maintain their nutrients and flavor, making them the perfect addition to your favorite dishes.

So whether you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen or just looking for a simple way to add extra flavor to your meals, a tablespoon of olive oil is always a great choice.

1 tsp dried oregano

If you’re looking to add a burst of flavor to your favorite dishes, look no further than dried oregano. This versatile herb has been a staple in Mediterranean and Latin American cuisines for centuries, and for good reason. Just a teaspoon of dried oregano can add a savory, slightly bitter taste to anything from tomato sauce to roasted vegetables.

Not only does oregano taste great, but it also has some fantastic health benefits. It’s a great source of antioxidants, which can help protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. Oregano is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great choice for anyone with chronic pain or inflammation.

When it comes to cooking with dried oregano, the possibilities are endless. Sprinkle it on your pizza, add it to your taco seasoning, mix it into your salad dressing, or use it as a flavorful seasoning for roasted chicken. You can even combine oregano with other herbs like thyme and rosemary to create your own unique seasoning blend.

So next time you’re looking to add flavor and nutrition to your meals, don’t forget to reach for the dried oregano. With just a teaspoon of this powerhouse herb, you can take your cooking to the next level.

1 tsp garlic powder

When it comes to cooking with garlic, one of the handiest ingredients you can have on hand is garlic powder. This versatile spice provides all the flavor of fresh garlic without any of the prep work. Just one teaspoon of garlic powder can make a huge difference in the taste of your dish.

From spaghetti sauce to roasted vegetables, garlic powder can be added to just about anything to enhance its flavor profile. Plus, it has a longer shelf life than fresh garlic, making it a great option for those who don’t use garlic frequently enough to keep fresh garlic on hand at all times. So next time you’re looking for an easy way to add some extra flavor to your meal, grab your trusty jar of garlic powder and get cooking!

1/2 tsp salt

When it comes to cooking, there’s no denying how important salt is to any dish. In fact, just a pinch of salt can transform the taste of a dish from bland to mouthwateringly savory. That’s why it’s important to take note of the recommended amount of salt needed in a recipe.

In this case, we’re looking at 1/2 tsp salt, which may seem like a small amount but can make a huge difference in the flavor of your dish. Whether you’re making a soup, stew, or even baking a cake, it’s crucial to add the correct amount of salt to achieve the desired taste. So the next time you’re following a recipe, don’t forget about that 1/2 tsp of salt – it could be the key to unlocking the full potential of your dish.


If you’re looking to switch things up with your eggplant cooking routine, using an air fryer might be the way to go. Not only does it cut down cooking time, but it also gives you a roasted texture without having to use oil. First, preheat your air fryer to 400°F.

Then, slice your eggplant into disks and season with salt and pepper. If you want to add some extra flavor, mix in some garlic powder, dried herbs, or even some balsamic vinegar. Spray your air fryer basket with cooking spray, then add in your eggplant slices.

Cook for 10-15 minutes, flipping the slices halfway through to ensure even cooking. And voila, you have an air fryer roast eggplant that’s perfect for adding to salads, sandwiches, or enjoying as a side dish. Give it a try and see how easy and delicious it can be!

1. Preheat air fryer to 400F.

If you’ve just bought an air fryer, congratulations! You’re about to enter a world of crunchy, crispy deliciousness. However, if you’re new to this world, you might be wondering where to start. Fear not! The first step in any air fryer recipe is to preheat your fryer to 400F.

This is the temperature at which most air fryers operate and the perfect temperature to get that crispy texture on your food without overcooking it. Preheating your air fryer takes roughly 3-5 minutes, so while you’re waiting, you can get your ingredients ready. Once your air fryer has preheated, you can start cooking your food.

Whether you’re cooking chicken, fries, or vegetables, make sure to follow the cooking time and temperature instructions closely to get the best results. So, get ready to enjoy restaurant-quality food from the comfort of your own home with the help of your air fryer!

2. Cut eggplant into 1/4 inch slices.

Preparing eggplant slices for cooking can seem like a daunting task, but with a little know-how, it can be quite simple. To start, wash your eggplant well under running water, and then slice off the ends using a sharp knife. Next, slice the eggplant into 1/4 inch rounds, being sure to keep the thickness consistent for even cooking.

If you prefer, you can also cut the eggplant into strips or cubes instead. Once your eggplant is sliced, sprinkle it with salt and let it sit for 30 minutes. This helps to remove any bitterness and excess moisture from the eggplant.

After 30 minutes, rinse the slices under cold water and pat them dry with a paper towel. Your eggplant slices are now ready to be grilled, roasted, fried, or baked in your favorite dish. With this simple preparation, you can enjoy delicious eggplant in no time!

3. In a bowl, mix olive oil, oregano, garlic powder and salt.

If you’re looking for a simple yet flavorful combination of ingredients to elevate your next dish, try mixing together olive oil, oregano, garlic powder, and salt in a bowl. This versatile mixture can be used as a marinade for meat, drizzled over roasted vegetables, or even tossed with pasta for a quick and delicious weeknight meal. The olive oil adds a rich and fruity flavor while the oregano brings a subtle earthiness and the garlic powder provides a hint of savory depth.

Don’t be afraid to adjust the ratios to your personal taste preferences and experiment with other herbs and spices to create your own unique blend. With just a few simple ingredients, you can take your cooking to the next level and impress your family and friends with your flavorful creations.

4. Brush the mixture on the eggplant.

If you’re looking to add a flavorful twist to your eggplant recipe, brushing on a mixture of herbs and spices can do just the trick. To get started, gather your desired herbs and spices and combine them in a mixing bowl with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Once mixed thoroughly, cut your eggplant into thin slices and lay them out on a baking sheet.

Using a basting brush, generously apply the herb and spice mixture to each slice, ensuring that both sides are evenly coated. Not only will this add a burst of flavor to your eggplant, but the mixture also helps to keep the slices moist and tender during the cooking process. Whether you’re grilling, roasting, or pan frying your eggplant, don’t forget this crucial step for a tasty and satisfying dish.

5. Place eggplant in air fryer in a single layer.

When it comes to cooking eggplant in an air fryer, the key is to ensure that it is placed in a single layer for optimal results. This will allow the hot air to circulate around the eggplant evenly, resulting in crispy and delicious bites every time. Overcrowding the air fryer basket can lead to uneven cooking and mushy eggplant, so it’s important to take the time to arrange the slices properly.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the size of the eggplant slices can also impact cooking time and results. Thicker slices may require a longer cooking time to become tender and crispy, while thinner slices may cook more quickly. By paying attention to these details and following the instructions carefully, you can achieve perfectly cooked eggplant every time in your air fryer.

6. Air fry for 10 minutes, flipping halfway through.

If you’re looking to make a quick and delicious snack, using an air fryer can be a great option. One simple recipe you can try is for air-fried potato wedges. To start, slice your potatoes into wedges and season them with your choice of spices – some popular options include garlic powder, paprika, and salt.

Once you’ve seasoned your potatoes, place them in your air fryer and set the timer for 10 minutes. Remember to flip them halfway through to ensure they cook evenly. Using an air fryer can help you achieve crispy, tasty potatoes without the excess oil.

Plus, it’s much faster than waiting for your oven to preheat. So why not give this recipe a try and see how easy it can be to whip up a delicious snack in no time?

7. Serve hot and enjoy!

When it comes to enjoying delicious, freshly made food, the final step is often the most satisfying: serving and savoring the fruits of your labor. After following a recipe and putting in effort to create a delicious dish, it’s important to serve it hot and enjoy the result. But how can you ensure that your food is served at the perfect temperature and ready to be savored? One trick is to time your cooking process, so that your dish is ready to serve immediately after cooking.

Additionally, you can use warming plates or trays to keep your food hot until it’s time to serve. By considering these factors, you’ll be able to enjoy your meal to its fullest, savoring the flavors and textures that you worked so hard to create. So go ahead, serve hot and enjoy the delicious meal that you’ve made!


In conclusion, using an air fryer to roast eggplant is like having your cake and eating it too. Not only does it achieve that perfect roasted flavor and texture, but it also saves you the hassle and mess of using oil. It’s the perfect healthy and efficient way to get your veggie fix.

So go ahead and impress your friends and family with your air fryer roasted eggplant skills, because sometimes the best things in life really do come in small packages – or in this case, compact kitchen appliances.”


Can you roast an eggplant in an air fryer?
Yes, you can easily roast eggplant in an air fryer with just a little bit of oil and seasoning.

How long should I cook eggplant in an air fryer?
Preheat the air fryer at 375°F. Cut eggplant into bite-sized pieces and cook for around 10-12 minutes until crispy.

What is the best way to season eggplant for air frying?
A simple seasoning of salt, pepper, and garlic powder can bring out the natural flavors of eggplant. You can also add Italian seasoning or curry powder for a different taste.

Any tips for getting crispy eggplant in an air fryer?
It’s essential to arrange the eggplant in a single layer, without overcrowding the air fryer basket. If the eggplant is crowded, it’ll steam instead of air fry, leading to a softer texture. Also, brush a thin layer of oil on eggplant slices for a crispy and golden brown exterior.

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