Indulge in guilt-free sweetness with our Air Fryer Yogurt Cake Recipe!

Who doesn’t love a slice of moist, delicious cake on a lazy afternoon? And, what if we told you that we have an amazing recipe for an Air Fryer Yogurt Cake that is not only quick and easy but also incredibly healthy? Yes, you read that right! This recipe promises a cake that is low on calories, high on nutrition, and tastes just as good as a confectionary delight. Now you might be wondering, how is it possible to bake a cake in an air fryer? Well, it’s simple. Air frying is a faster and healthier alternative to traditional baking methods, and it works wonders for cakes too.

Plus, using yogurt as an ingredient in place of butter or oil helps to reduce the fat content, making this cake a guilt-free indulgence. This air fryer yogurt cake recipe is perfect for those who are looking for a healthier dessert option without compromising on taste. The recipe is incredibly easy to follow, and with just a few ingredients and simple steps, you can have a scrumptious cake in no time.

Plus, the versatility of air fryers allows this recipe to be customized with your favorite flavors, making it a crowd-pleaser for all occasions. So, are you ready to indulge in a wholesome and decadent dessert? Let’s dive into this easy-to-follow Air Fryer Yogurt Cake Recipe and never go back to conventional baking again.


If you’re a baking enthusiast who wants to try something new and exciting, you should definitely try making air fryer yogurt cake. It’s a simple yet delicious cake that’s easy to make, requires minimal ingredients, and can be customized to your liking. The main ingredients you’ll need include all-purpose flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, vegetable oil, and plain yogurt.

The yogurt is the secret ingredient that gives this cake its unique, moist texture. You can also add some lemon zest, cinnamon, or other flavorings to enhance the taste. Make sure to mix the ingredients thoroughly and preheat your air fryer before baking the cake.

With just a few simple steps and ingredients, you can create a mouth-watering cake that everyone will love.

Simple and Few

When it comes to cooking meals at home, simplicity can be just as important as the ingredients themselves. “Simple and few” is a great way to approach meal preparation, as it can help save time, money, and ensure that dishes are easy to prepare and still delicious. Choosing high-quality ingredients is essential to making this approach work, as the flavors of each ingredient will stand out and contribute to the overall experience of the dish.

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air fryer yogurt cake


If you’re looking for a delicious dessert to make in your air fryer, you have to try this yogurt cake recipe! It’s easy to make and features a surprising ingredient – yogurt! The yogurt adds a tangy flavor and a moist texture to the cake, making it extra delicious. Here’s how you make it: start by mixing together sugar, flour, baking powder, and salt in a large mixing bowl. Then, add in the yogurt, eggs, vanilla extract, and vegetable oil and mix until well combined.

Pour the batter into a greased air fryer baking dish and cook at 320°F for 30-35 minutes. Once it’s done, let it cool on a wire rack before serving. Top it off with your favorite fruit or whipped cream for an extra treat.

This air fryer yogurt cake is a must-try recipe for any dessert lover, and it’s sure to impress your family and friends with its unique and tasty flavor. Give it a try today!

Easy to Follow and Quick

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Air Fryer Cake Tips

Air Fryer Cake Tips If you’re looking for an easy and hassle-free way to make a cake, then using an air fryer is definitely worth considering. Air fryer cakes are delicious, healthy, and are perfect for any occasion. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when making a cake in an air fryer.

Firstly, start by preheating your air fryer for around 10 minutes. This ensures that your cake cooks evenly and avoids lumps in your batter. Secondly, use a silicone baking basket or a parchment paper to line the air fryer basket before pouring your batter to prevent it from sticking to the bottom.

Make sure to check your cake every 5 minutes to ensure it doesn’t burn. Lastly, let your cake cool down completely before removing it from the air fryer basket. All in all, air fryer cakes are super easy to make and require less time compared to conventional oven-baked cakes.

Try these tips for perfect air fryer cakes every time!

Why Yogurt is a Great Ingredient

Air fryer yogurt cake is a delicious and healthy dessert that you can make easily at home. Yogurt is a great ingredient to use in baking because it adds moisture and tanginess to the final product. It is also a great substitute for sour cream and buttermilk in recipes, and it is full of probiotics that are good for your gut health.

When making an air fryer yogurt cake, you can use any type of yogurt you like, depending on your taste preferences. Greek yogurt is a good choice because it is thick and creamy, while plain yogurt is a good option if you want a slightly tangier flavor. Using an air fryer to bake the cake is a healthier option than using an oven because it requires less oil and cooks faster, resulting in a moist and perfectly baked cake.

Give this recipe a try and enjoy a guilt-free dessert that is both delicious and nutritious!

Health Benefits and Moisture

Yogurt is an excellent ingredient to add to your diet as it offers many health benefits and helps to keep your body moisturized. This delicious dairy product is packed with probiotics, which are good bacteria that boost your immune system and help to promote a healthy gut. In addition to this, yogurt is also a great source of calcium, which is essential for maintaining strong bones and teeth.

What’s more, yogurt contains lactic acid, which has natural exfoliating properties that gently remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. So, if you want to keep your body healthy and hydrated, be sure to include yogurt in your diet. Whether you add it to your smoothies or enjoy it as a snack, this versatile ingredient is sure to do wonders for your health and wellbeing.


When it comes to the air fryer yogurt cake, there are endless variations to try! One option is to add fresh fruit, like berries or slices of apple or pear, to the batter before cooking. This not only adds some natural sweetness but also provides a burst of flavor with each bite. Another variation is to use different types of yogurt, like vanilla or Greek yogurt, to change up the taste.

And for those looking for a little indulgence, try drizzling a homemade glaze or frosting on top of the cooled cake. Adding nuts, chocolate chips, or even a dusting of cinnamon can also take this cake to the next level. Get creative and have fun experimenting with this versatile and delicious dessert.

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Flavors to Try

If you’re looking to switch up your typical cup of coffee, there are plenty of flavors to try out. One variation to experiment with is adding a little bit of cinnamon to your coffee grounds before brewing. This gives your coffee an extra warmth and spice that is perfect for fall or winter mornings.

Another option is to add a few drops of vanilla extract to your cup of coffee for a sweet and creamy taste. For those who love a little bit of sweetness in their coffee, caramel or hazelnut syrup can be a great addition. If you’re a fan of chocolate, adding a spoonful of cocoa powder to your coffee grounds before brewing can give you a rich and indulgent flavor.

Don’t be afraid to try out different variations and find your new favorite way to enjoy your coffee!

Serving Suggestions

When it comes to serving suggestions for your food, there are numerous variations that can elevate your dish and make it stand out. One popular option is to add some fresh herbs as a garnish, which can add a pop of color and flavor to your meal. Another idea is to switch up your sauces – try using a tangy barbeque sauce instead of a classic tomato sauce, or experiment with different types of aioli.

You could also consider adding some texture to your dishes by incorporating crunchy elements like toasted nuts or crispy bacon bits. But don’t be afraid to get creative with your serving suggestions! Maybe try pairing your dish with a unique drink, or adding some unexpected toppings like fruit or edible flowers. The possibilities are endless, so have fun in the kitchen and see what unique variations you can come up with to enhance your meals.


In conclusion, the air fryer yogurt cake is like finding a hidden gem in your kitchen. It’s quick, easy, and full of flavor. With the air fryer, this cake comes out perfectly moist and fluffy every time.

So go ahead, indulge in a guilt-free dessert that will make your taste buds dance with delight. After all, who needs an oven, when you have an air fryer?!


What is an air fryer yogurt cake?
An air fryer yogurt cake is a cake made with yogurt and baked in an air fryer instead of a traditional oven.

Can I use any type of yogurt for an air fryer yogurt cake?
Yes, you can use any type of yogurt you prefer for an air fryer yogurt cake, but a thicker Greek-style yogurt is recommended.

What are the benefits of making an air fryer yogurt cake?
The benefits of making an air fryer yogurt cake include a healthier option since it uses less oil than traditional baking methods, and it has a moist and fluffy texture.

How do I adjust the cooking time for an air fryer yogurt cake?
You may need to adjust the cooking time for an air fryer yogurt cake depending on your air fryer’s wattage. However, a general rule of thumb is to reduce the cooking time by 25% compared to a traditional oven.

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