Discover the Crunchy and Perfectly Toasted Bagels You Can Make in Air Fryer

If you’re someone who loves bagels, you know how important it is to get that perfect crisp on the outside while keeping the inside soft and chewy. One of the best ways to achieve this is by toasting your bagels, but have you ever thought about using an air fryer to do it? The air fryer has become increasingly popular over recent years, and for good reason. It allows you to cook food with little to no oil while still achieving a satisfying, crispy texture.

Imagine the same results on your bagel, but without the added calories from butter or oil. Toasting bagels in an air fryer not only cuts down on calories, but it also takes less time and can be more consistent than toasting in a traditional toaster. The circulating hot air in the air fryer ensures that both sides of the bagel are evenly toasted.

Plus, you can customize the level of crispiness to your liking by adjusting the temperature and time. So the next time you’re craving a delicious, toasted bagel, give your air fryer a try. Not only will you save time and calories, but you might just find that it’s the best way to toast your bagels yet.


Are you wondering if you can toast bagels in an air fryer? The answer is yes! Using an air fryer to toast bagels is not only a quick and easy process, but it also leaves them with a deliciously crispy exterior and warm, fluffy interior. Simply slice the bagel in half and place it face down in the air fryer basket. Set the temperature to 375°F and cook for 3-5 minutes until the bagel is golden brown.

You can even add toppings like butter or cream cheese before toasting for extra flavor. So next time you’re in a hurry, try toasting your bagels in an air fryer for a quick and delicious breakfast option!

Understanding the Fun Air Fryer

Air fryers have quickly gained popularity among those who love to cook or want to enjoy healthy meals without compromising on taste. But what exactly is an air fryer? Essentially, it’s a kitchen appliance that uses hot air to cook food, giving it a crispy texture similar to that of deep-frying but without using oil. It’s a game-changer for those who are health-conscious and want to reduce the intake of unhealthy fats.

With an air fryer, you can enjoy delicious meals while cutting down on calories, time, and hassle. It’s a fun way to cook that can open up a whole new world of culinary experiences without sacrificing your health.

can you toast bagel in air fryer

Yes, You Can Toast Bagels in your Air Fryer

Bagels If you’re a bagel fan and own an air fryer, you’ll be happy to know that you can toast your favorite breakfast snack right in your air fryer! Not only is it quick and easy, but it also gives you perfectly crispy bagels every time. All you need to do is preheat your air fryer to 370°F, slice your bagel in half, and place it in the air fryer for a few minutes. You can even add toppings like cream cheese or butter before toasting for added flavor.

With this simple trick, you’ll never have to worry about burnt or unevenly toasted bagels again. Give it a try and enjoy a delicious breakfast in minutes!

Required Ingredients for Bagel Toasting

Bagel toasting is a breakfast ritual for many, especially those who enjoy the chewy texture and distinctive taste of a freshly toasted bagel. However, not all bagels are the same, and neither are the toasting methods. That’s why it’s essential to understand the required ingredients for bagel toasting to achieve the perfect balance of crunch and softness.

The main ingredient is, of course, the bagel itself, but there are other components to consider, such as the toaster or oven, the spreads or toppings, and the timing. Knowing which ingredients work best together can make a significant impact on your overall bagel toasting experience. So, let’s dive into the world of bagel toasting and explore the essential elements needed to create the perfect toasted bagel.

Steps to follow for Bagel Toasting

Yes, you can toast bagels in an air fryer! It’s actually quite simple and yields delicious results. Here are the steps to follow for bagel toasting in an air fryer: First, preheat your air fryer to 370°F. Then, slice your bagel in half and place it in the air fryer, cut side up.

Toast for 3-4 minutes until the bagel is lightly golden and crispy. If you prefer a darker toast, add 1-2 more minutes of cooking time. Be sure to keep an eye on the bagel as cooking times may vary depending on your air fryer model and the thickness of your bagel.

Once toasted, carefully remove the bagel halves from the air fryer and top them with your favorite toppings such as cream cheese, smoked salmon, or butter. Enjoy your perfectly toasted bagel in just a few minutes!

Step 1: Preheat Your Air Fryer

If you’re looking for a quick and easy breakfast option, toasting a bagel in an air fryer is a great option. The first step is to preheat your air fryer, which should take around 3-5 minutes. While your air fryer is preheating, you can start preparing your bagel.

Slice your bagel in half and spread your favorite toppings on it. Some popular options include cream cheese, butter or jam. Once your air fryer is preheated, place your bagel halves in the basket and set the timer for 3-4 minutes.

Keep an eye on your bagel to ensure that it doesn’t burn. Once it’s done, take it out and enjoy! Air frying a bagel provides a crispy exterior with a soft, chewy interior, making it a satisfying treat.

Step 2: Slice Your Bagel

When it comes to toasting bagels, slicing them properly is key. To start, make sure your bagel is fresh and not too hard – if it is, try microwaving it for a few seconds to soften it up. Then, take a sharp serrated knife and slice the bagel in half horizontally.

Be sure to go slowly and use a sawing motion to avoid squishing the bagel and creating an uneven cut. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to move on to the next step in the toasting process. With this simple step of slicing your bagel, you’ll already be on your way to a perfectly toasted breakfast treat.

Step 3: Slightly Butter Your Bagel

To achieve the perfect bagel toast, Step 3 calls for a light buttering of your bagel. Use a good quality butter and slightly spread it over both halves of the bagel before placing it in the toaster. This will help the bagel toasting process by creating a crispy outer layer while keeping the inside soft and chewy.

Be sure not to overdo it with the butter, as too much can make the bagel greasy and less crispy. A small amount should suffice. Butter also adds extra flavor to your toasted bagel, making it a perfect start to your morning or a yummy snack any time of day.

By following all the steps mentioned in this guide, you’ll have a perfectly toasted bagel that is crispy on the outside, warm on the inside, and bursting with flavor.

Step 4: Place The Bagels

When it comes to toasting bagels, the placement of the bagels is an essential step to achieve the perfect crispy exterior and soft, chewy interior. Before placing the bagels in the toaster, make sure that they are sliced evenly to promote even toasting. Then, carefully place the bagels in the toaster slots, ensuring that they are not over-packed and can easily move around during the toasting process.

It’s important to set the toaster to the desired toasting level, taking into account the bagel type and personal preference. Once the toaster has finished toasting, use tongs to remove the bagels, and let them cool for a minute or two before adding any toppings or spreads. With these simple steps, you can enjoy the perfect lightly toasted bagels every time.

Step 5: Start Toasting Process

Bagel toasting Now that you’ve selected your bagel and adjusted the settings, it’s time to start toasting! Carefully place your bagel into the designated slot, ensuring it’s centered and won’t fall over. If your toaster has a lever, push it down until it clicks into place. Otherwise, simply press the “start” button.

Keep an eye on your bagel as it toasts – different toasters have different timing, and you don’t want to burn your breakfast! When it’s done, carefully remove your bagel from the toaster and place it on a plate or cutting board. Now, grab whatever toppings you like – cream cheese, butter, jam, peanut butter, or anything else you can dream up – and make your bagel your own. Enjoy your perfectly toasted bagel, and congratulate yourself for learning how to use your toaster like a pro!


In conclusion, the answer to the burning question of whether or not you can toast a bagel in an air fryer is a resounding yes! Just like the air fryer revolutionized the way we cook our favorite fried foods, it can also be a game-changer for breakfast time. So why settle for a boring ol’ toaster when you can add some extra crisp and crunch to your morning meal with the trusty air fryer? Get creative with your toppings and enjoy a perfectly toasted bagel every time.”

Wrapping Up Toasting Bagels in Air Fryer

Toasting bagels in the air fryer is a quick and easy way to enjoy a crispy and warm breakfast treat. Follow these simple steps to achieve the perfect toasted bagel every time. First, preheat your air fryer to 350°F.

Then, slice your bagel in half and place it in the air fryer, cut side up. Cook for 3-5 minutes, or until the edges are crispy and golden brown. If you prefer your bagel to be more toasted, you can leave it in the air fryer for an additional minute or two.

Once your bagel is toasted to your liking, remove it from the air fryer and add your desired toppings. Whether you prefer cream cheese, butter, or jam, your toasted bagel is now ready to be enjoyed!


How do I prepare bagels before toasting them in an air fryer?
Before toasting bagels, make sure they have been sliced in half horizontally. You can also choose to spread butter or cream cheese on them beforehand for added flavor.

What temperature and time do I need to use to toast bagels in an air fryer?
Set your air fryer to 350° F and cook the bagels for about 3-5 minutes. For a crispy texture, leave them in the air fryer for a few more minutes.

Can I use an air fryer to toast frozen bagels?
Yes! Simply follow the same steps as you would with fresh bagels but add an additional 2-3 minutes to the cook time.

Are there any toppings I should avoid when toasting bagels in an air fryer?
Avoid using wet or watery toppings such as tomato sauce or fresh tomato slices as they may make your bagels soggy. Opt for dryer toppings like cheese or sliced ham instead.

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