Crispy Zucchini Patties in Air Fryer: A Healthy and Delicious Snack Option!

Are you tired of boring zucchini recipes? Sick of steamed zucchini that always ends up tasting bland and boring? Look no further, because we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Air fryers are the latest and greatest kitchen gadget, and we’ve found the perfect way to use them to create delicious and healthy zucchini patties. These perfect zucchini patties in air fryers are a game-changer, providing all the crispy goodness of deep-fried food, but without all the excess oil and calories. The beauty of air fryers is that they use hot air instead of oil to cook food, which means you can enjoy all your favorite fried foods without any of the guilt.

And with these zucchini patties, you’ll get the added bonus of a healthy and savory vegetable side dish. The end result is a crunchy exterior that gives way to a fluffy and savory interior, bursting with flavor. These zucchini patties are easy to make and require just a handful of ingredients, making them a perfect option for busy weeknights or last-minute dinner parties.

Simply mix together shredded zucchini, breadcrumbs, egg, and a few key spices, form them into patties, and pop them into your air fryer. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a batch of perfect zucchini patties that are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and bursting with flavor. So why not give these perfect zucchini patties in air fryers a try? They’re a delicious and healthy way to enjoy everyone’s favorite summer squash, and they’ll have your family and friends coming back for seconds (and maybe even thirds).

Trust us, once you try them, you won’t be able to go back to boring old steamed zucchini ever again.


Zucchini patties in an air fryer are a perfect way to indulge in a delicious and healthy snack. The ingredients needed for this recipe include grated zucchini, breadcrumbs, eggs, Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. To start, mix the grated zucchini, breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, salt, and pepper together in a large bowl.

Then, beat the eggs and add them to the mixture. Mix everything well and form small patties using the mixture. Preheat the air fryer to 350°F and grease the air fryer basket with cooking spray.

Place the patties in the air fryer and cook for 10 minutes, flipping them halfway. In just a few minutes, you will have beautiful golden-brown zucchini patties ready to serve. Enjoy them as a snack or appetizer, and don’t forget to experiment with different seasonings and sauces to take your zucchini patties to the next level!

Fresh Zucchini, Eggs, All-Purpose Flour, Salt, Pepper, Parmesan Cheese

Fresh zucchini, eggs, all-purpose flour, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese are the ingredients you will need to create a delicious and nutritious meal. Zucchini is a versatile vegetable that can be used in a variety of dishes, including soups, salads, stir-fries, and even baked goods. When combined with eggs, flour, salt, and pepper, it creates a simple and flavorful base for a variety of recipes.

Parmesan cheese adds a rich, nutty flavor that complements the zucchini and egg mixture perfectly. All these ingredients are readily available in most grocery stores and can be used to create quick and easy meals that are both satisfying and nutritious. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, these ingredients offer endless possibilities when it comes to creating delicious and healthy meals.

So why not give them a try and see what delicious creations you can come up with?

zucchini patties in air fryer


If you’re looking for a healthy and easy weeknight meal, zucchini patties in an air fryer are an excellent option. However, before you start cooking, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the best results. First, it’s important to grate the zucchini and salt it before squeezing out excess moisture.

This step is crucial in preventing soggy patties. Next, mix the grated zucchini with egg, breadcrumbs, and seasonings. The amount of breadcrumbs required may vary depending on how wet the zucchini is.

As for the seasonings, you can add garlic, onion, parsley, or any other herbs you like. Once the mixture is ready, form small patties and pop them into the air fryer. Cooking time usually takes about 10-12 minutes, but it may vary depending on the size of the patties and the air fryer’s settings.

With these simple tips, you can make crispy and delicious zucchini patties that are perfect for a quick and healthy meal.

Grate Zucchinis, Squeeze Moisture, Mix Ingredients, Shape Patties

Looking to make a tasty and healthy meal with zucchinis as the star ingredient? Grating zucchinis is an essential step to creating the perfect texture for your zucchini patties. However, it’s important to make sure you squeeze out any excess moisture from the grated zucchinis before mixing them with the other ingredients such as eggs, breadcrumbs, and seasonings. This will ensure that the patties are not too moist and will hold their shape once cooked.

After all the ingredients are mixed together, shaping the patties is the final step. Simply take a handful of the mixture and gently shape it into a patty shape using your hands. These delightful zucchini patties are perfect for a low-carb meal or as a tasty appetizer.

So, why not give it a try? Your taste buds will surely thank you!

Air Frying Process

Air frying is a popular and healthier alternative to traditional deep frying, and it can be used to make a variety of delicious snacks and meals. Zucchini patties are a great dish to make in the air fryer, as they come out crispy and flavorful. To make zucchini patties in the air fryer, start by shredding zucchini and mixing it with eggs, breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, and spices.

Form the mixture into small patties and place them in the air fryer basket, making sure to leave some space between each patty. Cook the patties at 375°F for 12-15 minutes, flipping them halfway through, until they are golden brown and crispy on the outside. Serve the zucchini patties with a dipping sauce of your choice, such as marinara or ranch dressing.

By using the air fryer instead of traditional frying methods, you can enjoy healthier versions of your favorite snacks and meals without sacrificing flavor or texture. So go ahead and give these zucchini patties a try in your air fryer for a delicious and guilt-free snack or side dish!

Preheat, Lightly Coat Patties, Place in Basket, Cook at 400°F for 10-12 minutes

When it comes to air frying patties, the process is actually quite simple and straightforward. Before anything else, it is essential to preheat the air fryer to ensure an even cooking process. On a separate note, it is also important to lightly coat the patties with oil before placing them in the basket to prevent sticking and to give them a nice crispy exterior.

Place the patties in the air fryer basket and make sure not to crowd them to avoid uneven cooking. Set the temperature to 400°F and cook the patties for 10-12 minutes, flipping them halfway through cooking. Once done, serve the patties hot and enjoy! The great thing about air frying patties is that you get to enjoy the taste and texture of grilled patties with a fraction of the oil and fat content.

Air frying also ensures a crispy exterior without the added calories and guilt. With its compact size, air fryers are a great addition to any kitchen, providing a healthier way to cook your favorite meals. So next time you’re craving some burger patties, don’t hesitate to try air frying them for a delicious and healthier option.

Flip Patties Halfway, Spray Lightly, Cook Until Golden Brown

Air frying is a popular and healthier alternative to cooking food. However, to achieve perfectly cooked patties, it is important to follow some simple tips. First of all, flip the patties halfway through the cooking process.

This ensures that both sides of the patty receive equal heat and are cooked evenly. Secondly, spray a light coating of cooking oil on the patties before cooking. This helps to prevent them from sticking to the air fryer basket and gives them a nice crispy texture.

Lastly, cook the patties until they are golden brown on both sides. This will give them a delicious crunch and ensure they are fully cooked. With these tips in mind, you can easily air fry your favorite patties to perfection.

So, go ahead and indulge in your favorite foods while staying healthy with air frying!

Serving Suggestions

If you’re looking for a creative, healthy way to serve your zucchini patties, try cooking them in an air fryer! Not only is this method quick and easy, but it also produces a crispy texture without the added fat and calories of traditional frying. For a tasty twist, try serving your zucchini patties with a dollop of creamy tzatziki sauce or a side of fresh salsa. You can also experiment with different toppings such as avocado, feta cheese, or roasted red peppers.

Whether you serve them as a snack or a main course, zucchini patties in the air fryer are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. So go ahead and get creative with your toppings and enjoy a delicious, guilt-free meal!

Garnish with Green Onions, Serve with Dipping Sauces, Side Salad or on a Bun

If you’re looking for a delicious and satisfying meal, look no further than these perfectly seasoned and crispy chicken tenders. Once cooked, they’re ideal for a number of different serving suggestions, so you can customize your meal to suit your tastes. For starters, try garnishing them with chopped green onions to give them a bit of extra flavor and color.

You can also serve them with a dipping sauce, such as ranch or honey mustard, to really bring out the flavors of the chicken. If you’re looking for a healthier option, consider serving them alongside a fresh side salad. Alternatively, why not take things up a notch and enjoy your chicken tenders on a bun for a more indulgent meal that’s perfect for lunch or dinner? No matter how you choose to serve them, these chicken tenders are sure to be a hit with the whole family.

So why not give them a try today?


After discovering the delightfully crispy and flavorful zucchini patties that can be made in an air fryer, it’s safe to say that this healthy snack has taken flight! With its efficient cooking and ability to keep things light and crispy, the air fryer has revolutionized the way we indulge in our comfort foods. So say goodbye to the greasy, calorie-laden burgers and hello to the zucchini patties that are sure to satisfy your cravings without the guilt. With every bite, you can taste the goodness of the fresh zucchini, seasoned to perfection and crisped to a golden perfection.

It’s like eating a little bit of summer in each delicious bite. So what are you waiting for? Grab those zucchinis, fire up your air fryer, and let’s get cooking!”

Easy, Healthy and Delicious Way to Enjoy Zucchinis in Your Air Fryer

If you’re looking for an easy, healthy, and delicious way to enjoy zucchinis in your air fryer, then you’ve come to the right place! Zucchinis are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and they’re also low in calories, making them an excellent addition to any diet. When cooked in the air fryer, zucchinis become crispy and golden brown on the outside, while remaining tender and juicy on the inside. They’re perfect as a side dish or snack, and can be seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices to suit your taste preferences.

Some serving suggestions include adding a sprinkle of parmesan cheese, a drizzle of olive oil, or a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. You can also try dipping them in your favorite sauce, such as ranch, tzatziki, or marinara. So go ahead and give zucchinis a try in your air fryer – you won’t be disappointed!


What ingredients do I need to make zucchini patties in an air fryer?
To make zucchini patties in an air fryer, you will need grated zucchini, bread crumbs, egg, onion, salt, pepper, and any additional desired seasonings.

How do I prepare the zucchini for the patties in the air fryer?
Start by grating the zucchinis and then squeezing out the excess liquid. You can use paper towels or a cheese cloth to do this. Once the zucchini is dry, mix it with the other ingredients to prepare the patties.

Can I freeze zucchini patties made in an air fryer?
Yes, you can freeze zucchini patties made in an air fryer. To do this, make the patties and allow them to cool down completely. Once cooled, wrap them individually in plastic wrap or aluminum foil and store them in the freezer. When ready to eat, simply thaw the patties and reheat them in the air fryer.

How long do I cook zucchini patties in an air fryer?
It typically takes about 10-12 minutes to cook zucchini patties in an air fryer at 375°F. However, cooking time may vary depending on the size and thickness of your patties. It’s best to check them halfway through and adjust cooking time accordingly.

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